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It's a really simple 2 step process:


Call or text us with the make and model of the vehicle and we will give you the price over the phone.


Give us your address and we will come over and tow away your junk car after paying you top cash for it on the spot ( we tow away for free-so don’t worry, there are no hidden fees).


The time you look at your house beautifully painted with amazing colors, decorated with exquisite flowers, and gorgeous adorned lights. But hey! What just twitched your eyes? Was that an old scrap junk car on your property?

A car in a good condition is easy to be sold as a second-hand car while selling an old worn out car could be difficult. One of the major reasons being the second-hand car could be driven away by the buyer themselves, however, when it comes to selling a scrap, the process becomes difficult.

Another reason being the additional charges of the towing trucks, which are nowhere near affordability. It might sometimes happen that the selling price of the scrap car could be less than what you paid for the tow, but often customers have to agree to the fate, as they do not find any other options.

Well, in order to get the Best Price for All Unwanted Scrap Junk Vehicles you must consider Top Cash for Scrap Vehicles and Free Tow with Top Car Scrap Car Removal services.

Also, if you were thinking how you could get rid of the junk, ours is a two simple and easy 2 step process.

Step 1: Just dial 416-888-6662 or send a text to us along with the make and model of the vehicle. In the answer, we will get back to you with the estimated price of the Free Scrap Car Removal over the phone.

Step 2: If you are happy, send us your address and our towing truck would come to your location and tow your Junk vehicle after paying you the Top Cash for Scrap Vehicles and offer a tow at no charge. You will be provided the best value and a Green Scrap Car Removal experience for your retired car. And you know the best part? There are no unpleasant surprises!

Isn’t that great? Your headache of months and you are now able to get rid of it by just following two simple and easy steps.

Free Scrap Car Removal could never be this easy. We at Scrap junk car removal help you get rid of the junker in a safe and environmentally friendly manner which not only helps you but the whole society.

Also, offering our customers the best of service is the aim of our company. Towing services in the towns and cities of the GTA West is free, easy and instant. We offer free services to the surrounding areas especially: Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, West Toronto and Oakville Burlington etc.

Not just this but our Free Scrap Car Removal includes the best of customer services where we work for complete customer satisfaction. Who would have thought the removal of junk car could be simple and also free, well, not just free, we would offer you the Best Price for All Unwanted Scrap Vehicles.

Contact us today to avail a free estimate!

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