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We proudly serve the towns and cities located in the GTA west areas mainly Mississauga,Brampton, Milton and Oakville etc.


Our fleet of tow trucks are readily available to accommodate any quick pickups for scrap cars in the above areas.

We pickup all makes and model scrap vehicles including passenger cars,SUVs and vans as well as light trucks and commercial cargo vans.

If you have a shell of a vehicle you wish to get rid of we can help you with that too.

Service Area:

TOP CAR SCRAP Removal can become a big headache among people if they do not possess the right information and assistance. If you are one of the owners of unwanted junk cars and if you wish to get rid of it, let us assure you that you have landed on the right platform to get accurate information about the junk car removal process in the city of Mississauga.


Even though we are based in Mississauga we offer our free scrap car removal towing services from the major towns and cities that are located in the GTA west areas. Especially the cities and towns surrounding Mississauga like Brampton, Milton, Oakville, Burlington, Rexdale and Etobicoke etc. We take pride in telling you that our tow trucks are readily available to pick up your scrap cars from your home or mechanic shop and bring it to our scrap yard facility.


Scrap Rates & Towing fees

Wondering about the prices offered or any costs associated with towing away the lemon? Well, despite the huge competition, we believe in offering our customers the best towing removal services for free and handing them hard cash on the spot before hooking up their scrap vehicle. Also, do not worry if you have a big size vehicle to be scrapped, we can easily tow away commercial cargo van, SUVs, and cube vans as well as light trucks along with passenger cars to our Junk Yard in Mississauga. No need to be worried about the size of your scrap vehicle, our fleet of tow trucks help in transporting the vehicles from your location to the car recycling facility.


Asking yourself “Reasons to scrap my car”?


If your vehicle has come to the end of its life and you are driving the car to the mechanic. More often than elsewhere then it’s time to seriously consider disposing off your old friend.


We can help you to get rid of the junk vehicles in your driveway and offer you the best price for the scrap. If you are tired of searching for a scrap car removal company you can not only trust but also get the best prices for the scrap, then look no further and pick up the phone or text us right now. You can also respond to us by filling out the ‘GET A QUOTE’ column on this interactive website.


Your old car is taking up space in the driveway and may also be unpleasant to look at. Sometimes cars sitting on the driveway too long may even sink in the driveway and damage the asphalt.

So, do not delay in getting rid of the junk car taking up your parking spot. All you need to do is to contact us and we offer you the Top cash for cars and undoubtedly the best service in the towns and cities in the GTA West.


If any of the above reason fits you well and makes you think of getting rid of the old scrap car, you have landed on the perfect destination. We are one of the most preferred Car Removal Mississauga. Offering reliable and professional services related to Car Removal.







3376 Mavis RD, Mississauga, ONL5C 1TB

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